Domestic Taxation

Domestic Taxation

We provides Income Tax, Tax assistance, Direct Tax Consultancy, Tax Compliance and Tax Representation services. We advise our clients in effective identification and implementation of tax planning opportunities under the Income-tax law for the establishment and subsequent profitable conduct of business by the Indian companies in different sectors, so as to effectively plan their income-tax liability with in the permissible law.

● Corporate Tax Return
● Tax Audit
● Withholding Tax – Retainership & Advisory
● Tax Consultancy and Advisory
● Opinions on various transactions from domestic law to tax treaty viewpoint
● Advising on tax planning opportunities
● Taxation relating Certifications – 15CB, etc.
● Conducting due diligence reviews and Health Check

● Representation Services for Assessments before Income-tax officers
● Appeal Proceedings before CIT(A) as well as Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
● Assistance in appeal proceedings before High Courts and Supreme Courts
(Preparation of case, Briefing Counsels)

● Review of books of Accounts
● Tax Audit
● Preparation & Computation of Income & Taxes thereon
● Preparation & Submission of ITR
● Advisory on taxation matters
● Assistance in identifying in investment opportunity.

Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS), introduced with effect from 1st April, 2015, constitute one of the significant amendments introduced in the Indian Income-tax legislation. ICDS are applicable for computation of income taxable as ‘Business income’ or ‘Other’ Sources income. These standards provide for some significant departure from Indian Accounting Standards and may lead to material tax implications for taxpayers. In this regard, we provide assistance in examining ICDS having regard to nature of business & transactions of the taxpayers and advising on relevant tax implications.

Transfer Pricing law was introduced in India in 2001. It deals with curbing tax avoidance by laying down norms for computation of income arising from international transactions or specified domestic transactions (“SDTs”) having regard to the “arm’s length price”. Our Transfer Pricing services offer effective solutions to companies which undertake international transactions or specified domestic transactions with its associated enterprise or group companies which are as follows:
● Transfer Pricing Analysis
● Selection of the appropriate method
● Benchmarking Analysis
● Assistance in preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation
● Issuance of Transfer Pricing Certificate
●Representing Transfer Pricing Cases before Transfer Pricing Officer/ Appellate Authorities